Consultancy, IT Training & Design from Rob Davies

Kashiko is the home page of Rob Davies. A Freelance Training Consultant and IT Design / Development specialist, based in Cwmbran, South Wales.

Remote Training

Short Training Sessions

Focussed Training Workshops, built around the idea of helping you solve a problem.  Each is tailored to the needs of the attendee(s). 
Run entirely online. Each session is devoted to studying just a few topics. Typically just one or two per session.

Instead of spending an entire day in training, why not just take an hour? Learn something essential for your work, and then immediately apply it back in the real world.

Microsoft 365

The entire suite is impressive. I can run training courses across its application suite. In particular. You might want to choose from topics like:

  • Teams
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive
  • Power Automate

Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Data analysis and business intelligence are vital areas to be fluent in. It’s in teaching this that my previous experience in software development stands out. Favourites in this area are

  • SQL Language (In particular Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Power BI
  • Web languages (such as HTML, CSS, PHP)

Custom Course Design

Not all clients have the same needs. To accommodate this, I offer bespoke course designs.
It’s a straightforward process.

  • First, we agree to a course outline.
  • Course materials are then built and reviewed until all parties are happy.
WordPress Website Design

Web Site Design and Maintenance

I have a full-service web capability. In that, I can build host and maintain websites. There’s a simple fee structure so that you always know where you stand. My preference is to build websites using the WordPress CMS system. Most of my clients are small to medium-sized businesses that want a website that suits their needs.

Websites that I host receive backups and backend software updates. Plus changes requested by their owners

software development

Software Development

Although I periodically built larger pieces; most of my software development exists as client utilities.

Designed to do one job well. These pieces tend to be the automation of a task that would be very slow or impossible to do by hand.

Microsoft 365 Supported

Microsoft 365 is pretty much a platform for building customised ways of working. It achieves this with a vast range of options. If you need help navigating these to make a better way of working, I will help you.

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