Testimonials for Rob Davies & Kashiko

My aim is to provide the best service that I can and to make you as happy as these clients

Rob has been my web designer and I.T consultant for many years.
His knowledge and passion for his work is evident in his kind, compassionate approach.
He is very patient and very quick to react to the needs of my business.
I will often ring him in a panic when my I.T systems aren’t working. If he is not teaching himself he is very quick to react and fix my I.T issues.
As a teacher he is patient, listens and matches my pace.
I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a website presence, I.T consultancy and teaching. .

I am extremely impressed with the level of patience, professionalism and expertise that Robert was able to demonstrate when he provided a Power BI course to us . We will definitely keep Kashiko in mind for future training courses.

An amazing course on PowerBI delivered with an easy going and friendly manner with a pace that suited the entire group

I was looking for a change from my US hosting platform which was expensive and tied me into particular WordPress themes and functionality. Rob successfully migrated my pollingersocial.co.uk website and I’m very happy with the results. Initially, the site was put onto a staging server so I could fully test and make updates prior to the switch over. I’ve been through similar exercises before and usually there is a lot to fix but this time there were only cosmetic changes to make. As requested Rob kept the look and feel broadly similar but made some design improvements. When it came to the time to switch to the new site, all went smoothly. My website is now more under my control. For example, I can add whatever plugins and functionality that I require. Since the switch over 2 weeks ago it’s also been great to see a 50% increase in visitors which is encouraging as if anything I was expecting a short term decrease. Throughout the migration exercise Rob provided me with regular updates and was available quickly to answer my queries. All in all a top class service so if you have a migration or anything ‘technical’ you need doing regarding your website, I’d thoroughly recommend Rob.

I have found Rob’s knowledge and guidance over the last few years invaluable as I rebuild my company’s management information systems. Under his tutoring I have gone from opening Power BI for the first time to building systems that other users believe to be magic. The greatest assistance of all is when I’m stuck with something and Rob makes himself available to untie the knots I’ve got myself into. Excellent service, knowledge, and value for the client. Strongly recommended..

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