SQL Course Outlines

SQL Server

What is SQL

SQL, often pronounced as Sequel is the language of a good many relational databases such as SQL Server and Oracle. In general terms, it is used for

  • Building and maintaining the database itself
  • Updating and maintaining store information
  • Reporting on the data in a database.

All of our courses are built around Microsoft SQL Server and use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Full Day or Custom Durations

All the listed SQL courses are designed to be one day in length. These can be broken into half-days if required. Additionally, specific topics can be delivered in shorter  easier-to-digest segments.

SQL Courses

  • What is a relational database
  • Introduction to database Tables
  • Exploring a database with SQL Server Managment Studio
  • Using the Select statement to extract information
  • Learning how to filter information.
    • Making Comparisons
    • Using Logical Operators
    • Using In, Between and Like
  • SQL Server Data  Types Explained
  • Working things out with SQL
    • Using basic mathematics (such adding, dividing, subtracting, multiplication)
    • Creating aggregate values (totals, averages, counting etc)
    • Formatting and using Dates
    • Manipulating text using SQL
  • Introduction to using multiple tables to extract data
  • Additional Filters, finding specific information
  • Copying data to new tables and temporary tables
  • Grouping information
  • Connectng multiple tables with Joins
  • Using the CASE statement to work with varying data values
  • Working with mutliple tables – understanding and using SQL Joins
  • Using SQL Aliases
  • Working with SQL Functions to handle tasks including
    • Converting data
    • Manipulating text
    • Manipulating dates
  • Introduction to Deleting and Updating data
  • Using Subqueries (a query inside a query)
  • Creating and Using Views
  • Working with SQL Variables
  • Working with Stored Procedures
  • User Defined Functions
    • How to create a user defined function
    • Using a user defined functions
  • Transactions explained 
  • Cursors Explained
  • Using Loops and Cursors

Booking one of these courses

Booking is straightforward. Contact us by email, phone or this form and we’ll start the process of quoting you and organising course dates.

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