IT Training Courses

IT Training Courses for Microsoft Software

Microsoft 365 is changing the way we work. Its focus on sharing and cloud make it easier than ever to access up to date information. With a bonus that it works from many locations whilst providing improved communications.

I’ve been working with Microsoft 365 from it’s earliest days. Watching its potential fulfil and now helping organisations use it fully.

Microsoft 365 – Key Training Topics

  • Teams
  • Power BI
  • SharePoint Online
  • The Microsoft 365 Suite of Applications
  • Microsoft 365 for users and administrators
IT Training

Learning to Develop Software

Software is key for business and off the shelf rarely satisfies all needs.

My development courses are designed to establish your staff on the path to creating and maintaining bespoke tools for your business.

Training and Consultancy can be combined to both solve a problem and show your staff how to build the solution.

Please note: Training gives skills according to the course. Although it can be successfully be combines with consultancy this is never recommended for beginners. Its important to learn how to walk before trying to run.

IT Training - Software Development


  • SQL for SQL Server
  • SQL for MySQL
  • Power BI as a Reporting Tool


  • PowerShell
  • Python
  • VB / VBA


  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Javascript

IT Training Course Design

I provide designs and materials for bespoke IT Training courses. These can be one-off courses or something that has is reusable over and over again.

The design process starts with an outline of the course. This is then expanded and refined into something suitable. This is an iterative process. A design gets edited until it is right.

Two options for ownership / pricing exist when buying a bespoke course

  1. I retain a right to reuse and develop the course
  2. The course usage and development rights are held by the client.

Get in touch if you need a new course developed.

Bespoke IT Course Design

IT Training Locations

I offer both personal and remote training.

Personal Training

This is traditional training.

My preferred locations are South East Wales and connecting areas.

On saying that I do travel. Operating across the UK and into other countries. Travel is on an as-required basis.

I work in both learning centres and on client sites.

Class Room Training

Remote Training

This is accmplished via the Internet. Usually through an online meeting system. Microsoft Teams for example.

Remote training does offer some advantages. It reduces my costs which I then pass onto the client. Additionally, it can reduce or remove the need for travel to a training session. The knock-on effect is a more relaxed trainee. As a general rule of thumb, relaxed people learn more.

Remote Training


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