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What is Microsoft 365

The simple answer is a subscription-based service offering the possibility of supplying business needs via the cloud. 

Which is a bit general. The better answer is that Microsoft 365 is a toolkit designed to let businesses operate via either traditional software or the cloud in a way that fits the needs of the business.

It is a  platform for building or accessing the tools that you need.

This set of courses is an orientation to help explain the scope of Microsoft 365 to a new user,

The Apps of Microsoft 365

A practical guide to the suite of web-based apps that exist within the Microsoft 365 Portal. We look at what the apps do and start to explore some of the interactions between them. The exact list of apps covered can be adjusted as can the duration of the course to suit your needs

  • Microsoft Loop
  • Planner
  • Lists
  • To Do
  • Forms
  • Kaizala
  • Stream
  • Sway
  • Bookings
  • OneNote
  • Visio Online
  • Brief Introductions to Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI. See the full courses for these applications
  • SharePoint – focussing not on using SharePoint but how it fits into the Ecosystem
  • Teams – How Teams fits into the Microsoft 365
  • OneDrive for Business – How OneDrive fits into Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams

A number of course options are offered for Teams. This reflects Teams itself. It is a lot more than just a tool for meetings this is reflected in the available courses.

Half Day

An introduction to the meeting window including

  • Joining a meeting
  • Screen sharing options
  • Pinning a presenter
  • Using reactions and hands-up
  • Recording the meeting
  • Blurring or changing your background
  • Using Captions
  • Making better use of meeting chat
  • Using a Poll

An introduction to working in Teams Channels

  • Working in channels
  • Using Channel Posts
  • Working with Files
  • Sharing Files
  • Adding a channle Tab
  • Using @Mentions
  • Creating Video or Audio Calls

Full Day

Starting with an introduction to Teams we explore a fuller range of Teams functions

Creating and Attending Meetings

  • Creating a Teams Meeting using Outlook
  • Creating a Teams meeting in Teams
  • Adding features to a meeting in Teams Calendar (such as files, breakout rooms etc)
  • Setting up meeting options including the lobby, automatic recording and attendee capabilities
  • Pinning and Spotlighting
  • Using Mute
  • Using background effects 
  • Using Reactions and Hands-Up
  • Screen and window sharing options
  • Using breakout rooms
  • Sharing PowerPoint Presentations
  • Using a whiteboard
  • Using meeting views
  • Checking device settings during a meeting
  • Using Chat during a meeting
  • Recording a meeting


  • Creating a Team
  • Creating Channels 
  • Managing Team members and roles
  • Managing Channels
  • Creating Team Tags
  • Using Channel Tabs
  • Using Private Channels
  • How Teams Filing Works
  • Working Collaboratively on Files
  • Using Channel Tab Chat
  • Sharing Files
How SharePoint and Teams work together
  • The relationship between Teams and SharePoint
  • Working with Teams files in SharePoint
  • Creating SharePoint document libraries and using these in Teams
  • Adding Custom Columns and conditional formatting to file lists
  • Using SharePoint Pages in Teams

Introduction to Teams Search

  • Using the search bar – what can you look for
  • An introduction to search filters
  • Using Search bar commands
  • Using Apps from the Search Bar
  • Explainng apps in Teams
  • Selecting and installing apps
  • Usings apps in a channel tab
  • Using app as an individual

Half Day

An introduction to scheduling and running a live event. 

Live events explained

  • What are live events
  • Event Roles
  • Public and Private event

Creating a Live Event

  • Adding a live event to your calendar
  • Creating a production Team
  • Production options for the live event
  • Inviting event attendees

Running a Live Event

  • Using the Live Event Window
  • Starting the Live Event
  • Sharing event content and understanding the presenter role
  • Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Ending the Event.

Half Day

An introduction to making better use of chat communication in Teams. By both reducing unnecessary chat and putting infromation at your finger tips

  • Understanding and Customising Teams Notifications
  • Creating an Using Contact Groups
  • How to search chat including search filters, looking for exact phrases and wildcards
  • Using Microsoft 365 Applications
    • Planner
    • ToDo
    • SharePoint Lists
  • Making use of Teams Applications
    • Tasks by Planner and ToDo
    • Teams Approvals
    • Teams Updates
    • The Teams Wiki
  •  Chat best practises
  • Understanding Do Not Disturb and Teams status settings
  • Creating a priority access list

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