IT Course Design

Discussing a custom course design

Why Have a Custom Course Designed

Many training requirements are more than amply filled by tried and tested stock courses. After all, these have the advantage of a track record with predictable outcomes. This does not suit every need; whenever needs do not fit into the box created by an existing course, a custom course comes into play.

We’ll guide you through the process of putting together exactly what you need. Regardless of whether the course is a one-off or part of a longer training programme.

Steps to Creating Your Own Course


We talk about your needs. What content the does course need to include? Any constraints on running time? The likely experience level of the participants? The aim here is to answer as many questions as possible, hear about your aims and get a good feeling for what is needed.


The course outline is the written version of any design meeting. It contains vital information about the course including

  • Running Time
  • Number of participants for any run
  • A list of the topics included in the course
  • Notes regarding the level of the courses (beginner, intermediate and so on)


Some courses include training materials. These can include

  • Workbooks
  • Manuals
  • Course Training Files
  • Videos
  • Tutors Notes

Some courses will require considerable supporting materials. Others won’t need any handouts at all. The aim here is to figure out what the course in question actually requires to be a success.

Pilot Run

An optional but recommended step if the course is going to be repeated. This is an opportunity to iron out any final issues in the course’s presentation.

Roll Out

The final stage is to roll the course out to its audience. At this stage, the design may be complete, but I’ll be monitoring for possible course improvements and learning from my course delegates about their needs. At all times, the course attendees’ needs are top of the agenda.

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