I’ve recently started the process of removing my landline. Traditionally this could be seen as a retrograde step. However it turns out that this will be an advancement in service. This post is to explain away.

Landline Usage

Over the last couple of years telephone use has changed. At this point more than 95% of all calls from clients come in on my mobile phone. Unfortunately during the same period my landline has seen a massive rise in unwanted cold marketing calls. This means that I am paying to have my time wasted and that is time I would rather be spending on clients. Clients who are using my mobile number.


I frequently travel or spend time away from my desk. That is simply the nature of my business. It has a natural split between time in the office and time out. Pushing all calls to my mobile means that should a client use my landline I will become aware of the call more quickly. Why? Well the call or voicemail will be on my mobile screen which I check frequently. I won’t need to check my office phone or remember to dial into voicemail.

Other Communication Systems

Taking budget away from the landline makes more money available for mobile phone contracts. It also frees up budget for other online communication systems. I currently support Skype for Business and Slack but if need budget for anything else then this can also become a thing.


At the time of writing the removal of my landline will occur inside a month. So if you call and cannot get a line do not worry. Just try the mobile number.

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