The Project

This is a continuation of the project to fresh websites for the Fast Group. This time it was Flexible Solutions that was getting the upgrade to a 2016 look and feel .

The challenge here was take the relevant information from the original site and then make sure that this new, and more shiny version was in step with the growing family of new and rebuilt Fast Group websites.

The Feature Set

I’m going to refer to the previous Fast sites for this. The feature sets are similar. At this stage in the project its perhaps more important to look at feature continuity rather than looking at another list of things achieved.

The Production Process

As this was part of a series of work we were able to utilise a number of resources. We had the planning and procedures from 2 previous websites. In addition resources such as layouts and colour schemes already existed. This meant that we could focus our attention on construction, security, and making sure we had the best combination of text and images from the previous site.

As this was an update rather than a new site all the pre launch work was performed in a test area that ourselves and the client had access to. Once the site was agreed we migrated to the operational area. Ready for launch

This usage of controlled developed area that is then migrated into a live web site is a technique I frequently use. It enables the testing of ideas in private. Its not too unusual for a website to change and evolve in development and that perhaps is best done in private. It takes the pressure of both client and developer.

When time came to migrate the original Flexible Solutions was backed up. The new website then replaced the old in a straightforward swap.

You can visit the Flexible Solutions website at: