You’re first question is most likely going to be what is Kashiko Press. So let’s start with that. Kashiko Press is a venture that to aims to turn proven training materials into e-books. These will be published on Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing. We will create a library of books, that will help you improve your use of computer systems.

The first phase of Kindle books is underway as our first book comes out on June 30th. It is a slim volume packed full of useful material aimed at helping people get started with Microsoft Project. If you like the sound of this then here is the link to that book.

Two more books are in the pipeline. – “VISIO Training Notes” and “MS Projected Automated Controls”.

Future releases will expand the range to include all of Microsoft Office and newer products like Power BI. That is the first phase of growth, there will of course be a phase 2.

If you’d like to keep an eye on what is going on then please visit.  Expect this page to change, update ,refine and grow over the coming weeks.

By now you may be wondering who is behind this venture. It is a joint project between Kashiko and also Richard Walters of Keystrokes Training.

About The Books

At this point lets describe the books.

We’ve decided to make each book a print replica. This means that each KIndle page represents one physical page. We’ve done this as these training materials contain a large number of screen shots and diagrams. This graphical nature does not translate well to an ebook. By making use of print replicas we can be assured that the right images will be in the right place. This will make the books easier to follow.

If you’re not used to the Print Replica format then don’t worry. It just means that this books are best view via a Computer or Tablet. Possibly a smartphone. This again is intentional . It means they are designed to be used where they are needed in a working environment.


We hope you enjoy Kashiko Press. There will be further updates in the future.