I recently had the opportunity to work on the new website for The Commercial Inn in Pontymister, Risca. If you’re not aware of the venue this is an award winning pub that prizes itself on great food, great beer and being a great venue for watching sporting events or taking in some entertainments.

The previous website had been in use for a number of years so a change was in order.  In the fact the need for a different look was so great that we needed to look at several different designs before settling on one that actually seemed right to everyone. I take this as being part of the process of putting a website together. It is important that the site reflects the organisation it is for and quite often a period of discussion and refinement is needed before the final look and feel is arrived at.

The final site had to be responsive and work on mobile phones. Much of the testing was done mobile first to ensure that ran as required.

There was also a need to run a beer of the week feature and  I was able to easily able to include that in the Content Management system. This will enable the staff to weekly highlight real ales that are being promoted.

Events were handled using an off the shelf events management system which was then formatted to meet the needs of the project.

The resulting website has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm.