Technology Training

Software Development and Database Training

My background is in software development.

Today I still develop software and I bring that practical experience to bear in the training of..

  1. SQL Server
  2. VBA
  3. Power BI
  4. MySQL
  5. HTML
  6. CSS
  7. Crystal Reports
Microsoft 365

Cloud systems are becoming vital for modern business operation. One in particular – the suite of cloud services provided by Microsoft 365 cannot be ignored.

For Microsoft 365 I can assist you with

  1. Microsoft 365 Roll-outs
  2. Transition training from other systems (such as Lotus Notes)
  3. Microsoft Office Training
  4. Office Online Web Apps Training
  5. One Drive Training
  6. SharePoint Training.
  7. Understanding the application suite that is part of Microsoft 365
Social Media

There is no doubt that social media is having an incredible impact on business.

What I offer are exploratory courses that help you understand the maze of platforms and options that this medium represents. Importantly strategies and techniques are also brought into the mix. The aim is simple. Find the social media system that suits you and then find out how to best leverage it.

I can also assist with creating marketing / advertising campaigns within platforms with a view to improving the number of people who get to know about your business.

Bespoke Training Courses

Often the standard training courses offered by many companies do not fit needs of the individual or a company. This is no bad thing, just a reflection on the fact that we live in a complex world where people have varying needs.

I frequently develop courses that are unique for clients. Sometimes this is as simple as working through essential work tasks in something like Outlook or Excel.

Sometimes it is much more complex. Like building a whole course of training for a unique software system that an organisation has created.

I find that in creating these I pull on my knowledge as trainer and a software developer. The trainer side of me understands determining needs and the best way to teach someone. The developer knows how to look at software, and test it so that I can assemble a good training programme.

If you feel that out of the box training solutions are not meeting your needs then please get in touch. I’m sure something can be developed to help you



When training I often run into people looking for a course that will help them better understand a subject.

There are times when training is not really the solution they are looking for. Instead technology consultation is required and that is a service I offer.

The idea behind this service is simple. Time is set aside to thoroughly explore a technological need and its ramifications. It can the choice of CMS for a website, comparing your social media strategy against competitors or building an implementation plan for a systems update.

We take the topic and work through giving you an understanding of what you need to know and information to back up that decision and move onto the next step.

It’s training, and its your needs solved.