Software Development

Despite the rise of pre-built apps; bespoke software is still key for business. There will always be jobs that are unique to a business that is best accomplished by software purposed for the job.

What I do is help define the problem and then produce a tool solves the problem. Improving your working life.

Scripting Your Work

Is there a job that uses a computer, yet is accomplished manually. Think fo the time and money that could be saved if it was done at the touch of a button.

Possibly things like;

  • Copying and pasting across spreadsheets?
  • Moving files around?
  • Extracting the same information for a report?
  • Having trouble entering information into a spreadsheet?
  • Reformatting data for export to a supplier or customer?

These are all things that could work faster and easier using bespoke software.

The Application

Applications are freestanding pieces of software that you use as part of your work. Such as a workflow manager or booking system.

Building these requires more time but can save a huge amount of time in your business. Why not get in touch and see if something is possible.

Very often building something designed around you will work more quickly, efficiently and reliably than using a workaround.

Let’s see if we can make life easier

software development