Update of the Fast Fluid Power Website

Raglan based Fast Fluid Power is a long-standing customer. I’ve been working in partnership with them to develop a common look for their online presence.

It became to take a look at the Fast Fluid Power Website.  This is a  website that has had several development cycles. Different lives if you like. The last design stage used the Joomla content management system. This time we needed to move the site onto a new platform to allow for the common corporate look. We did this in stages.

Website Redevelopment – Step by Step

  • First I set up the management system on a test server.
  • The next step was to set up and import system. This would scan the original website and import all the pages and images.
  • When the import was complete we then checked over to make all the information was in place.
  • At this point, the corporate design for Fast Fluid Power was activated.
  • There was then a process of checking this design and checking existing pages worked.
  • Now that the basic information was in place I could create a completely new version of the homepage.
  • With that done it was time to look at menus. Making sure that we had all the correct links in place.
  • Finally, a test of the new website took place.

Putting it Live

When we were confident with the website it was time for it to take its place on the internet.

A full backup of the old site was taken. This isn’t a distinct step. Daily backups of the existing website were being taken by two different systems. This is a common practice I use when hosting websites.

Next, it was a case of putting the new website in place and testing that it worked.

Fast Fluid Power

If you would like to see the Fast Fluid Power website click here.