Synergy Achievements

Are a Bridgend based training provider.

They specialise in job based learning. Including NVQ’s , Health &  Safety and Train the trainer courses.

Unfortunately they’d had problems with their previous website. Leaving them unable to make updates and amendments to it. The site was now quite out of date.

The job was was to assemble a new website. This time one where the company owners could have ownership over the content.

The Websites Design

We needed a website that was simple to use from both a customers point of view and an authors.

Behind the scenes we seperately catalogued course information.  Making it easy to reference.

All site pages have a straightforward layout. This was a time for clarity and not seeing how many design devices could be pulled off.

Site images focussed on some high quality photographs and plain icons.

The Future

The aim now is make sure that this website grows and adjusts to the needs of Synergy Achievements. This puts me on standby for support. This is the preferred state of affairs as no website should be  orphaned from its producer.