Larptickets – Online Event Ticket Sales

Larptickets – Online Event Ticket Sales

The Project

Kashiko and Pixel Computers, under the name of our joint publishing project LARPBook were asked as part of a conversation with Dziobak Larp Studios in Denmark to see if we could turn quickly turn around system capable of selling tickets to their events across Europe. The conversation started with a look at the better options for a payment gateway and also a way of improving cash flow over their current ticket supplier. Beating their supplier meant simple for the customer to use, simple for Dziobak Larp Studios to use and able to provide better cashflow.

The good news was that we were successful on all three counts. The website went live and immediately started paying for itself.

The Feature Set

  • Easy to use ticket purchasing. This was vital as the site sells tickets to a global audience. English is likely not to be someones first language. This made ease of use critical
  • Easy to use on a mobile phone. Again for the same reason as above. Dziobak know that mobile use is important to their customers and we had to follow through on that.
  • Easy to update and manage. This will be a site that is user maintained. Although I will be supporting it – ease of management is of critical importance.
  • Easy to integrate into event management procedures. This site is not stand alone. Information it collects will be used to manage high profile and high value events. Getting the information out in a clear and simple manner was as important as getting it in there.

The Production Process

As usual the site went through a process of design and trial in a testing environment. At this point financial management was run in a sandbox mode so that it could be proved safely. Due to the clients not being in the UK Facebook Messenger was used to communicate between all involved parties. In addition we also used Appear.In for video conferencing and screen sharing. This drastically helped to reduce the setup time as we were all able to communicate as if we were in the same room. One of the things I am keen on is adopting messaging  and conferencing as a project needs it and this one certainly proved the value of these technologies.

One everything was ready the site was promoted to it’s live hosting environment which was then tweaked for security and speed.