JustB Holistic Therapies

JustB Holistic Therapies

The Project

JustB is the website of Louise Adams a South Wales based holistic therapist and trainer. When we started this project JustB had a temporary website. The need was to come up with something that could better explain the set of options offered under the JustB branding. Also on a branding front we needed to move away from a more typical web page colour schemes and layouts. It turns out that within the holistic therapist and reiki space there is a definite set of aesthetics. Since JustB is a member of a number of professional bodies I had to make sure that such things as colours, fonts and overall page layout were sympathetic to that industry. In other words this could not be a site that fell back on web design fashion. It had to look right for its industry.

The Feature Set

The JustB website includes in its feature set

  • Responsive Design
  • A grid of images and titles on the home page leading to specific pages
  • A set left hand information side bar
  • Categorisation of site pages
  • Easy to follow menu and grid based navigation


The Production Process

Like a good number of the websites I work on we started off in a private test area, This was blocked off from Google search so that we could build the site and develop the site behind the scenes. For this project this was especially useful as I had to learn just how therapists need to have their web presences styled. Included in this time was some trailing of ideas. We build things and came back to them at a later date so that both myself and Louise could be sure it was right for the site.


If you’d like to take a look at this website please visit it at: http://justbtherapy.co.uk/