Gower Adventures

Are suppliers of outdoor activities such as abseiling, kayaking, caving and gorge walking. Based in Swansea they operate in the Gower peninsula also the Brecon Beacons. The feeling was that their existing website had been around for a while and needed an update.


Web Design Aim

This was nice and simple. Change the website design so that it ran better on both computers and mobile phones. Along the way have an eye on page design so that each page could be formatted as needed. It was also very important that Gower Adventures themselves were able to update and maintain the website


The Cooperative Design

Gower Adventures needed to have a hand in the design and maintenance of every page. This did not mean having a template for the page where they filled in the gaps. It meant being able to work on the shape of the page themselves.


They also needed technical assistance in the site foundation and in finding solutions for design problems.

The solution was a cooperative two-way process.

I’d set up the basis for everything. In essence work on a loose draft and structure. Gower Adventures would then edit pages to suit their needs. In the event of something technically not working I would solve the problem.

It was a nice back and forth process. One that leads to a site that reflects the people it is for


Page Design if you are not a Web Designer

One question that can be asked is how do you design a web page if you are not a web designer.

The answer is to learn how to use a page builder.

Page builders break the website down into manageable chunks and can be surprisingly easy to learn. In essence, by using a page builder is a bit like the web equivalent of something like Microsoft Publisher or PowerPoint. Put the components where they are needed and tell them how to work.

For a page builder to work well the website’s structure should be designed well. This means the designer builds something that helps make the page builder run well. At this point, both the client and the designer can build pages.

The bonus for the client is that they can think about their page without running up a design bill. This makes the process of getting a new web site cheaper. It also makes you feel invested in it