Why it was time for a website redesign

The existing website for the Commercial Inn had been doing a good job. It was also a website of its time. It reflected ideas in presenting a business 4 years ago.

Also, the job of the site had changed. It had become clear that all it needed to do was four simple things

  1. Explain the opening hours of the pub.
  2. Help people get in touch
  3. Show the menu
  4. Give a good first impression of the facilities

A large multi-part website was not needed any more. The key was a simplification. This took the website design down to three pages. A much more manageable prospect for someone looking for information.

The Result

The new website runs over 3 pages

  1. A home page to represent the pub. It also gives access to opening hours and telephone numbers
  2. A menu page – containing the full menu listing.
  3. A contact page – with a location map, contact form and contact email numbers.

Its simple, and use colours sympathetic to the look and atmosphere of the Commerical Inn.

Use of Social Media at The Commercial Inn

Finally one of the things that leant to a simplified site was the growth of an online community on Facebook. Facebook had become a place to promote events. This meant that a whole section of the original website had become redundant.  It also made more sense to manage events from one place.

It’s a good general point. A website is important. It is vital to own your presence where anyone can find you. But if you do have several presences online it’s almost always a good idea to have these working together.

If you would like to see The Commercial Inn website please click here.

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