Private Encounter - ecommerce

Private Encounters – Online Fancy Dress Sales

The Project

A planned upgrade of an existing WordPress site. Private Encounters have been running a WordPress based ecommerce solution for a number of years. However their original site theme was no longer being upgraded. This had led to issues with both WooCommerce – the underlying eCommerce system and the WordPress Platform itself. The aim then was to upgrade the site in such a way that it would perform more effectively whilst  making it as future proofed as possible in terms of receiving future software updates from WordPress and WooCommerce.

The Feature Set

This project wasn’t about attaining a features. These already existed in the form of a  a website designed for the sales of physical goods online (in this case fancy dress costumes). Instead the name  of the game was to create something that would simply work better than the existing system in terms of allowing security and software updates.  Although it has to be said that we would looked at improvements to site navigation as well.

The Production Process

A full copy of the existing site was removed from its live hosting and installed on a separate test environment. We immediately added automated backups this before moving on to the task at hand which was removing the existing theme and replacing it with something new. We decided to make use of the Elegant Themes DIVI system for this. The overall aim was to make something that would be sustainable over time. Since Elegant Themes have a strong track record in this department it was felt that this would provide a strong and stable backbone for the updated site.

There then followed a period of customisation’s and refinements to the site that would eventually lead to the finished product.

The final touch was that when the new site went live was to include SSL which had previously been missing.

You can visit the Private Encounter Website at: