Petals Training: Making The Website Easier to Read

Petals Training

The website for Petals Training had a styling that was no longer compatible with modern web usage. It didn’t display well on smartphones or across a range of devices. It also sported a 3 column look that was making it look cramped and hard to read.

The good news was that it was a WordPress website. This meant that by and large, the page content was separate from the overall design elements. There was a need to update the look of the website, but to do so with the minimum of disruption to existing content

Could the pages be taken as is and put into something that worked more closely with current web standards? Also, could I make it easier to read the content?

Fortunately, the answer was yes.

How The Petals Training Updated was Accomplished

It was a case of replacing the old theme with something new and sleek. Adapting the typography so that the fonts and colours were sympathetic to the current branding of Petals Training.

The number of sidebars was reduced from 2 to 1. The primary job of the new sidebar was to improve navigation by opening up distinct parts of the website. The opportunity was also taken to reinforce branding and put a clear and simple search on every page.

Use of the footer area was also improved. Simplified now to two elements. One containing important badges and social media links. And a lower area just for a copyright notice.

The result is simple and clear.

There is also room for improvement. As I write this I can see areas where more could be done. Which means that as I write this we’re at a stage in the development of Petals Training. This is a good thing. Thinking a website is finished can lead to stagnation. Thinking that yes overtime we could do more is good. It means things can only get better.