Malcolm Murphy is a Cardiff based artist who provides a diverse and very high quality commercial artistic service. You may well have seen his work at various theme parks, zoos, fairgrounds and companies without realising it. However the time had come for new website. His previous sites had proved to be a little too detailed and complex.

For this one I spent a lot of time talking to Malcolm so we could figure out his needs. During this time we looked at a lot of web sites in his sector, examined his catalogue or works and talked about what he wanted.

The outcome from this was for a simple website. It would easy to use navigation that would enable people to browse by a relevant category and discover other works. This would enable visitors to directly see what they needed and to also build up a better idea of Malcolms artistic style. The decision was also made to reduce the amount of written content and focus on the pictures. Allowing the artwork to speak for itself.  Which is why the site has a black background. That is there to make the pictures stand out.

If you’d like to visit his new website you can find it at: