The Project

Malcolm Murphy is an artist who based in Cardiff who works on a national level.

His existing website for showcasing his works didn’t lend itself well to providing links to individual pieces. In addition it had an update process that was time consuming and costly. The decision was made to move to a modern content managed site that would over come those difficulties.

The Feature Set

  • Easy Categorisation of Art Work so that interest parties could view by medium
  • Full access to art work without any barrier – ie as soon as you are on the site works are apparent.
  • To be gallery that enables users to browse through the artwork
  • To be extremely simple and direct in operation
  • To allow for very quick updates to the gallery so that new work can be added in a short time frame. This also makes the site more cost effective to update.

Production Process

As is typical for projects where there is an existing site the new website was created on a development server. This allowed both its look and feel and backend operation privately. It also allowed us to test the create the initial gallery. On completion the site was migrated to the production status. The original website has been backed up for posterity.


If you’d like to see this website in operation you’ll find it here: