malcolm murphy

Malcolm Murphy Artist – Updated

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The Project

Malcolm Murphy is an artist who straddles the worlds of both commercial and fine art. This project was to create an update for his Fine Art Website. This is not the first time I’ve worked with Malcolm. You’ll find an information about an earlier iteration of his site in my project gallery. I’m going to leave that there for now just so you can have a comparison.

One of the great things about working with Malcolm is that he has a keen sense of change and rightly believes that website updates are a good thing. Which leads us to this project.

The desire was to decrease the complexity of his catalogue layout. His fine art work can be categorised many ways and the last site did that. This time the aim was to make the art speak for itself. To create a single gallery that is there for the exploration.

In addition the plan was to create a cleaner and more streamlined looking website. The home page would now hold a single example of Malcolms art.

The Production Process

Since the aim was to improve on the look of Malcolms’ art a selection process started that would determine all the pieces that would be shown on the site. A standard for the image was also set in terms of size and encoding that would best work with the new look. Long term maintenance was part of the thinking behind the image standards. We both wanted to make it easy to add new works in the future. The goal being frequent additions to the site.

We went through a few design iterations and tests before arriving at the current design.  Malcolm was keen to get the right piece of art on the home page. In addition each piece of art was also to have a crisp and clear view on its own page.

Once we’d compiled the art and proved the look was correct this site was promoted to live display

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