Fast Group Wales - Updating a Website

The Fast Group of companies in Wales needed to firm up its brand by moving their current website. Its destination was the domain Something that firmed up their Welsh branding.

The site itself is very straightforward. Serving as a portal to the web sites that make up the Fast Group.

This is how we went about it

It was a new domain and it was allocated to its hosting.

The next step was to install a backup of the original site to this hosting area. I completed this using a migration process switched in the new domain name. 

A critical eye took a look at the old site. The biggest concern was that WordPress originally used was being deprecated. Now was the time to switch in a new theme. 

Using WordPress makes this a straightforward task. The new theme went in. A bespoke child theme created from it and the task was to make the new site look like the old.

This did not take long.

Redirection is key

That was not the end of it. We had moved a website known to Google. So we also had to tell Google about the change. Redirections were set up to point Google and other search engines to the new site address. 

Visit Fast Group Wales

If you’d like to take a look at Fast Group Wales you can find it at: