The Project

This represents the final stage in the end of the current project for the Fast Group. That is in taking a number of small sites and rebuilding them under a single common design and corporate image. As such this is a hub that allows for the exploration of the Fast Groups online properties. The aim was to illustrate the companies in the group. Making sure the site was simple, responsive and tightly branded.

The Feature Set

In terms of features this was a straightforward project. The utility for this web site does not come from a wide arrange of possibilities. It comes from displaying information in an easy to digest manner. The key points are its design, responsiveness and a contact form.

The Production Process

Since this was the culmination of an ongoing process we took advantage of existing resources. Once again our plan was to lexapro get high make best use of time and resources by fact checking everything, getting the tone of company descriptions right  and putting our focus on making sure everything slotted together nicely. On the Internet you can never take anything for granted and quality checking if vital.


You can visit this website at: