Kashiko press has a new book in its catalogue.  That is Excel Fundamentals. This release tackles the eternal problem of being faced with Microsoft Excel for the first time. In a clear and step by step manner it lays out the basics of using the worlds most popular spreadsheet.

As usual in this series we’ve broken things down into a number of distinct skills; there are  twenty five in all. Each one of these skills sections is then given to you as a series of images with step by step instructions on how to complete the laid out goals.

To give you an idea as to the contents of this book here is a sample of the basic excel skills covered

  • Moving around quickly in Excel
  • Selecting cells, columns and rows
  • Formatting text
  • Understanding and creating formulas
  • How to use absolute cell referencing
  • Creating and modifying charts
  • How to freeze areas of the spreadsheet

This book is all about helping you get the basics right. Learn these well and you’ll have a solid foundation for making good use of Excel, and when the time comes to learn more about this incredibly useful application.

As usual this book is based on tried and tested classroom workbooks. Everything in here has seen action with students had has proven success.

Again this is another print reproduction e-book. This means that we recommend that its used via Kindle Software on computers, tablets and mobile phones. The large number of colour illustrations does not lend to use on a traditional Kindle E-reader,