The Project

Drake Educational Associates supply innovative, and high quality learning materials. They already operated separate English and Welsh language websites. The need was to create a single bilingual website.

The Feature Set

The consultation process created a list of needs for the new website. It had to be:

  • Bilingual – English and Welsh
  • The shopping section had to use a shopping cart
  • The normal pay online process had to be removed to allow for invoice and phone based payment only.
  • The site needed to operate on both computers and mobile phones
  • It had to have an easy to operate look about it.
  • It had to be sympathetic to English and Welsh and have a single point to click for the change in language.

The Production Process

In order for this project to work we needed to take and amend existing products from 2 websites. Place them comparable data structures and add all new imagery to the site. Fortunately the company artist with Drake Educational worked incredibly hard to make sure all the required resources were put in place. To coordinate this process we used a combination of Skype meetings, working on-site and relaying large collections of graphics files using we transfer. It took some time but the finished site is worth it.

If you would like to take a look at Drake Educational Associates you can find it at: