The Web Sites Design

ClearCut IT had mocked up the desired site in Photoshop. They also wanted to be able to edit the site. All parts of the site had to be configurable through an editor the client could learn.

This gave a result that was close to the original vision and maintainable by the client.

There was a lot of to and froing during the design process. From my point of view that was excellent. It meant that we were thinking about getting the right result and aiming for a definite target.

Course Details

This is a training website. As you might expect there are course details. There are a lot of courses listed on ClearCut IT. So how do we go about creating dozens of standardised course files?

The answer is to use a word processor the get the text right. Then to parse that into a custom template created in a publishing platform. This resulted in easy to create, and standardised PDF course outlines.


When a site contains masses of items to find the first thought must be navigation. Long and complex menus are out. Too difficult to use on any platform.

Instead, a short and simple menu breaks things down into simple categories.

All leading to landing pages that send the reader further into the desired part of the site.

On Going Maintenance

Although the site comes with maintenance there has been little for me to do. Its owners have continued to tweak and improve its presentation. Testament, to getting the design right in the first place.

Take a Look

Go and have a look at ClearCut IT training. I think you should find an easy to use website that gets the job done!

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