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How IT Training and Consultancy are equally present

Background for Rob Davies

I have two main career focuses

  • The Development of Software.
  • Making information technology people-friendly.

I ended with a skill set that meant I both understood how to write computer systems the people that used them. As you might expect that led me to become an IT tutor.

I realised that the skill that supported my training capability was technology development. It became critical to my development that I never stopped understanding the technology.

It’s this that led to Kashiko. A place where I can engage with business as a technical advisor and developer. This keeps my skill set fresh and up to date. So that when I am acting as a tutor my advice is always the current best practice.

Key Skills

Based in Cwmbran

I work from Cwmbran in South Wales. It is close to both Bristol and Cardiff. It leaves me well placed to serve the West of England and South East Wales.

Additionally, I am on the M4 corridor and have excellent rail links to the rest of the UK

I can operate as a local business or work nationally

My target is to work online as much as possible. Doing so enables better value in pricing to my clients and a definable environmental benefit

What is Kashiko?

Kashiko is a trading name that I have used for some time. Starting the 1990’s working as an IT subcontractor and needed a name for my contrating work. 

When I decided to become a full time IT freelancer I revived Kashiko. This helped retain consistency.

As a name it is short and very distinctive. Once heard never forgotten.

If you’re looking for an origin then look up Kashiko Kawakita. The Japanese film producer and curator.

Coronavirus Update

I currently deliver both training courses and consultancy remotely. My aim in this is the protection of all clients by preventing cross infection

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