Website and Web hosting Services


Websites are developed primarily using the WordPress Content Management System.

This is the worlds most popular Web Management System.

I also built free standing websites and applications according to need.

All work is bespoke to client needs.

Web Services

  • Website Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website hosting
  • Domain Name Management
  • Integration to services such as Microsoft 365
  • Advice on Social Media
  • Assistance with Social Media promotion and advertising

The Web Design Process

I follow a clear and simple process that starts with a need to fill and ends up with the correct solution to filling that need.

This is done in partnership with my client.

A Full Service

If a client requires something I cannot provide then I have a number of associates that I work in partnership with.

This guarantees the provision of high quality service covering all eventualities.

webdesign process as infographic

Tailored Hosting

Cloud Hosting

I run a cloud hosting system. This allows for packages to be tailored for each client as necessary. Meaning that your hosting can be scaled from a simple solution (suitable for most business websites), right to a range of virtual server and actual server options.

This means that you can sure that your website is going to be placed in an environment that can grow with it.


For the client who needs more I can supply and support a range of virtual server options.

These are specified according to needs.

Hosting Partners

Regardless of the technology being used all of my hosting services are run via partners who can provide 24 hour, 7 day a week support. I understand that as a consultant I cannot be there all the time. However my team are. This means there is always someone to work on any problems you have.


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